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Steel Grey 5mm Ring

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Silicone wedding band for those with an active lifestyle or use their hand
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Feature: Made of HypoAllergenic Medical Grade Silicone
Feature: Extremely comfortable - Safety "break away" occurs at around 40lbs. (well below the level where de-gloving or amputation occur to your finger
Feature: Mommy, Crossfit, Yoga, PX90, Military, Outdoor Adventure APPROVED!

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Safe, Tough, and Durable Wedding Band for Athletes, Craftsmen, Tradesmen, Electricians, Firemen, Travelers, Bikers, Campers, Outdoor Adventurers and Others who need a functional ring

-Protects your "Formal" jewelry from damage and reserve them for "formal" occasions (Like weddings, funerals, "high tea", etc) 

-Non-conductive and waterproof which allows unrestricted use 100% of the time... (No need to stop or avoid activities to remove/possibly misplace your jewelry) 

-Working out at the gym or replacing a carburetor or chopping wood outside... just as safe as working at a desk 

-Showing your commitment to your spouse should NOT be dangerous or limiting of ANY physical activities!

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