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Sizing your ring for an online purchase can be frustrating.

The best way to size your finger is to go to an actual  jeweler and get your finger “measured” by a professional.

The second best way is to copy the known size of an existing ring that currently fits..

Of course with a flexible wedding band there is a little more margin for error, but we want you to get the best size for your finger.   Many people can comfortably wear two sizes (the one being a bit snug, the other fitting nicely).    

We recommend that your ring fit slightly loose so that "air" can get under the ring.  If a ring is too snug it will trap water against the skin (which can irritate the skin).  So keep this in mind as you are fitting your ring.

If you already know your ring size the selection process is simple.  Just find the SRW ring size that includes your ring size.   If you are between sizes please choose the  LARGER  size.

Women’s sizes  (5 mm flexible wedding bands):

  • Xsmall (15.5 mm diameter, fits sizes 4.25 – 5)
  • Small (16.5 mm diameter, fits sizes 5.25 – 6)
  • Medium (17 mm diameter, fits sizes 6.25 – 7)
  • Large (17.75 mm diameter, fits sizes 7.25 – 8)
  • XLarge (18.5 mm diameter, fits sizes 8.25 – 9)

Men’s sizes  (9 mm flexible wedding bands):

  • Small (17.5 mm diameter, fits sizes 7 – 8)
  • Medium (19 mm diameter, fits sizes 8 – 9)
  • Large (20 mm diameter, fits sizes 9.5 – 10.5)
  • XLarge (21 mm diameter, fits sizes 10.5 – 12)
  • XXLarge (22 mm diameter, fits sizes 12.5 – 13.5)
  • XXXLarge (23 mm diameter, fits sizes (14- 15)

If you need more help finding out what size your finger actually is you can click on the following graphic and  print out the  “Ring Size Helper”  .pdf worksheet (not the small image)  to measure your finger exactly or to put an actual ring up against the worksheet to determine its size.

Click Here to Download Form (for printing or measuring)