9mm Premium Heavy Duty Silicone Wedding Band- "Carve"  Charcoal Black

9mm Premium Heavy Duty Silicone Wedding Band- "Carve" Charcoal Black

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  • Durability::High Performance and wearable 100% of the time. Fully functional, tough, durable and waterproof. No need to ever again remove (and potentially mis-place) your wedding band (for safety reasons or "safe keeping"). This wedding band chops wood as easily as it pumps iron at the gym.
  • Safety:Totally safe and designed to break away at 40 lbs of pressure. No danger of "de-gloving" or finger amputation. It is made of medical grade HypoAllergenic silicone, so it is chemically inert and will not react with any chemicals or acids. Electrically non-conductive, so Electricians can begin wearing a ring again (even around high voltage). Because it is flexible it is perfect for those with large knuckles or temporary swollen fingers.
  • Comfort:A Classic, Simple Dome design on the top, and the comfort fit design on the inside (along with the ring's flexible characteristics) make this ring extremely comfortable. Inside of the ring is embossed "SRW" so that you know you have a genuine Simple Energy Works Ring which has passed safety tests.
  • Commitment:Show your total commitment by wearing your ring FULL TIME during ALL of your activities (Not just the "safe" or "formal" ones). This ring protects your "formal" wedding ring for those formal occasions when you might want to wear it.... weddings, high tea, etc.
  • Warranty:Ring sizing can be tricky, so our exchange policy allows quick and easy exchanges (if you need a different size). Full ONE YEAR "No Hassle" warranty... In addition the rings have a LIFETIME FREE SAFETY REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. If your ring is damaged (even during high performance wear) and the breakage protected your finger from damage (as it is designed to do) just let us know the details of the event and you will receive a New Replacement Ring. No hassles.

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Made of HypoAllergenic Medical Grade Silicone


Extremely comfortable - Safety "break away" occurs at around 50lbs. (well below the level where de-gloving or amputation occur to your finger


Contractor, Electrician, Fireman, Craftsman, Military, Outdoor Adventure APPROVED!
FINALLY... a high rated silicone wedding band that keeps your finger perfectly safe- yet at the same time isn't flimsy like a rubber band! 

 Feel more confident knowing that you have the safest silicone wedding band on the market! Used by Firemen, Military, Mechanics, Policemen and factory workers all over the USA! High Quality Medical Grade Silicone Our rings are made with pure medical grade silicone (so no skin reactions) with a simple dome wedding ring design to be both safe AND stylish. 

 Endorsed by Both Professionals and More: 

 -"My husband tried several of the other brands of silicone rings on the market and could not find any that worked for him. The Simple Ring fits perfectly and is much more substantial than the other rings he tried." LeahHug- Amazon Review 

 -"Triple digit + positive ratings.....can't be wrong. This is the safest, most durable, and comfortable ring I've ever worn. Awesome find and I hope it continues to grow in popularity as a versatile, classic alternative to the unforgiving, my-spouse-will-freak-out-if-I-lose-this, metal wedding ring" - LovePeas, Amazon Review 

 -"Friggin fabulous find! Loooove this ring!" LynxXB4- Amazon review 

 Backed by Our 1 YEAR Guarantee: 

 Simple Ring Works products are backed by our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with your order, let our friendly Customer Service team know and we'll give you a full, no questions asked refund of your entire order. That's how much we stand behind our products and when you try them, we know you will, too. Size exchanges are quick and easy, normally going out the next day!
5 Stars
Great Ring, Great piece of mind.
I can't wear a ring for safety reasons. If you work in a field where you can't wear jewelry for fear of it getting crushed, caught, or having the ring weld itself to an electrical contact and kill you, then this is perfect. I'm between sizes, so with metal rings it was always a compromise. The ring is super comfortable, fits great, and flexes to whatever I'm doing. Your finger isn't always perfectly round, your ring shouldn't be either.
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Reviewed by:  from Maryland. on 4/29/2016

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